The first year is over.

J M Ralley Author

So, my first year of being an author is a good as over. I never thought to publish a book and now I have three, an editor and a great bloke for marketing. Things can only get better.

But I do read books as well and have found other brilliant Indie authors and friends along the way. This is my thank you to some of them.


A S McGowan has to be the first one. A lovely woman who I am now good friends with. I first came across her Centaur Agency books. This is a fantastic series.

We meet up with Matt and Analise in the first book and their friends in the remaining three. The stories are interlinked and better read in order. The suspense is brilliant and guessing the who the baddie is…lets just say good luck with that.

If you pick them up, don’t expect…

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DAY 8 of 12 HOLIDAY SPECIALS — Alicia Reads

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Forgotten Hunger
Anjalee Scott

When forever is all you have, what do you live for? When I saw her in the audience, I was taken back twenty-five immortal years to the love I’d lost when I’d struck a Faustian deal, and I knew I had to have her. But when she finds out what I am, will she have me?

I’m incredibly shy and lack experience with men, so when the gorgeous rock star seduced me, I didn’t know what to think. Then I found out his incredibly dark secret, and the world as I knew it forever changed. Vampire legends weren’t new to New Orleans, but they were to me.

Is it possible to discard every preconceived notion about monsters and let one love me?



Erin Lee’s A Diary of a Serial killer books


Have you all met Jimmie? He’s a killer who likes to store women in his freezers. Check out my Diary of a Serial Killers, starting with book one, Just Things. You will never look at ice cream the same way again! 


Just Things:


Sometimes, the cravings just take over.


Jimmie Putnam is an ordinary man by any measure. By day, he works as a law clerk. At night, when he can’t fight the cravings, he becomes a collector. He takes great care of his human Things; buying them cherry lipstick and reading to them from his journal. When they’ve been on their best behavior, he even takes them out of his freezers…


Sometimes, the need is just too deep.


Florel Ross has been mostly invisible since the death of her twin, who died twenty years ago at the hands of a serial killer. Obsessed with justice, Florel is willing to risk anything for the answers she craves: What goes on in the mind of a serial killer?


When the two yearnings collide, will it be justice or just Things?


Amazon Link:


This is my review:

Erin Lee is brilliant!

ByAlicia Freemanon November 21, 2017

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a serial killer? Then follow Jimmie through his tales of each one of his “things”. Floral Ross is trying to figure out who the killer is and she wants revenge for her twin sister Sara. I love Erin’s attention to detail throughout Just Things and can’t wait to start reading book 2.




In book two, Jimmie’s Ice Cream, things get even crazier. For a shot at any of the books in the Jimmie series, show me your favorite ice cream Gif!

Jimmie’s Ice Cream:


Six months is a long time in the life of a serial killer with active cravings. Jimmie Putnam has made a lot of changes. Now, with his own ice cream shop, hiding bodies is easier than ever before. With sixteen kills under his belt, Jimmie is cocky. And the cravings are only getting worse:


Have you ever just been in the mood for ice cream?

You can’t really say why that craving comes on.

But you can’t sleep, even at 2 a.m. until you get it.

So you put your sneakers on . . .


Killing’s like that, for me.

Today, I’m in the mood for black raspberry.

Come, take a tour, of Jimmie’s Ice Cream shop…


Twenty years is a long time to wait for justice. And when you’re so close that you can taste it, you want to serve yourself. Special Agent Florel Ross has made a vow. She has one year, or until Jimmie Putnam is about to kill again before she will confront him—or report him—herself. Now, with his own ice cream shop, watching him will be easier than ever before. With nothing to lose and obsession steering her, Florel is fearless. She takes the sort of risks her twin sister would be proud of. And the danger is only getting worse.


Have you ever been in the mood for revenge?

You can’t really say why that hunger comes on.

But you can’t sleep, even at 2 a.m. until you get it.

So you put your holster on . . .


Come, take a tour, of Jimmie’s Ice Cream Shop:

It’s due for inspection…


Amazon Link:



My review:


Jimmie is ready to sell ice cream from his freezers!!

ByAlicia Freemanon December 7, 2017

Jimmie is a collector of Things, but his Things he keeps most of them in the freezer. Jimmie’s Ice Cream is a great follow up book from Just Things. I love how he keeps a diary of each Thing and they are lucky he’s such a nice guy. I mean he has date nights and buys them stuff, what more could a girl ask for. For starters how about not being stuck in a cramped freezer!
Floral is a detective that has finally figured out who the serial killer is while her coworkers are still searching. She doesn’t tell them because she likes to watch Jimmie, that is until one day when she finds herself tied up like a dog in his basement.
Erin Lee will have you second guessing next time a stranger asks you for help and make you profile everyone you think you know. The ending is something very unexpected and I cannot wait to start reading book 3 – Thing Fifteen





In book three, meet Beverly – Jimmie’s favorite “thing.” She is the cherry on top of his ice cream sundae – in more ways than one! 


Thing Fifteen:


My name is Beverly. I’m more than a Thing.


Every town has its legends. I would know, I am one of them. I am the girl they tell campfire stories about. The “well-liked librarian” who was going places until she was kidnapped and eaten by the Ice Cream Man. I am the warning parents tell their children about, the woman whose remains were never found…


There’s so much more to my story than how I died.


My name is Beverly Watkins. I was twenty-seven years old the day I perished at the hands of a serial killer. For more than a year, Master Jimmie kept me in his favorite freezer and took me out for weekly playdates. I was the cherry on top of his twisted ice cream sundae; the Thing he called Fifteen.


It’s only the beginning to my story. You see, justice is haunting. And tonight, I’m in the mood for it. I’m here to set the record straight, to make sure all the facts are tied up in perfect yellow bows like the ones they tied around trees for me. I won’t rest until I’ve told my own story, my way. Which reminds me: I have a visit to make.


Care to join me?


Amazon Link:


Oh Jimmie!

ByAlicia Freemanon December 7, 2017

Thing Fifteen aka Beverley is from the small town of Escape, Colorado and as much as she always wanted to escape, she stuck there in the stories of what not to do or be killed by a crazed serial killer.
This is Beverly’s story of being a victim and her story of the afterlife and being able to haunt Jimmie.
Erin Lee is a godsend when it comes to dark thrillers! Now we need to have some momma and Jimmie time





It doesn’t end there. No Jimmie story would be complete without MOMMA. She’s where it all started. Serial killers don’t go on trees, you know. You have to plant them! Show me your proofs of preorder for MOMMA for a shot at the signed paperback upon release! 


Let’s get THINGS straight:
You made up your mind about me and my son the day some prude, who got what she deserved, told you to.

Silly you. Cause I’m not Beverly. And I’m not my son either. I’m Momma. 
And that’s just gonna have to be good enough for you.

Cause serial killers don’t grow on trees, you know. 
You have to plant them.

Momma: Prequel to Diary of a Serial Killer Series 
by Erin Lee 


My review coming soon!





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Erin Lee December releases

December is thrilled to announce that international best selling author Erin Lee has a few releases!!




by Erin Lee Author

Spoiled plans were simply not an option for Jonah Dunn.

It didn’t matter that Emery Swinn, his she-devil boss, thought she could have anything she wanted by simply batting her eyes and making others do her dirty work.
Jonah, who had lived enough for three lives, knew exactly what he wanted and wasn’t going to let Her Highness stop him.
With eyes set on rookie intern Danielle Mosley, Jonah had every intention of doing whatever it took to win her affection. But with Emery in his way and Danielle fixated on plans of her own, it wouldn’t be easy.
Sometimes, love and lust go bad. Greed gets in the way.
With the help of Dawn Youngwood and a couple of hidden aces, he might just teach his spoiled boss and the woman he loves that making deals with the devil can only lead to one thing.
It won’t be pretty. It might even get ugly.
But Jonah had never put much stock in appearances. He’d learned, a long time ago, that shallow women were simply rotten.

Now live on all platforms and coming soon to audio book!






Circus Freak
An Erin Lee Author Novel

***Can be read as a stand alone***

Step into the madness…

My name is Samantha. In theory, or Hebrew or even Aramaic it means “God heard” or “Listener.” Epic, really, considering I’ve never believed in God and that I’d rather poke my ear drums out with dull spoons than listen to the daily yammering around this place. I’ve never been a listener. Truth is, I take after my mother, who’d also rather be on stage. I guess that comes natural when you grow up as a side show act in a freaky-assed carnival. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

People call me Cat, and, yes, with a C, not a K. Cat as in feline. Of course, I set myself up for that with 29 cat tattoos and the three Sphynx princesses who live with me in my trailer – the same rusted thing I travel in as we move from town to town with the carnival no one can seem to get enough of. Their names are Prune, Pixie and Penelope because I have a thing for P’s. Truthfully, they get me through long and smelly days of people gawking at 3-feet-six-inch tall freaky me. Secretly, I like it that people stare at them too. It takes the attention off my vertical challenges and secret-keeping black eyes.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy being the center of attention from time to time. I mean, I do. I just don’t like it for the wrong reasons – like my missing hand from the idiot who thought she was cute on the Ferris wheel when I was two. I sort of have a lot to hide. We’d best start with the things I can tell you about – the same things you probably paid to see. I have two belly-button piercings – one on the top and one on the bottom. Sometimes, I run string through the hoops and tie them together when I’m bored. The feline princesses like to bat at them and I enjoy the pain of it.

I travel around the circus on a mini-bike. Apparently, it’s quite a sight to see. If anyone bothered to ask me about dreams of mine, I’d say I’d wish to grow tall to buy a Harley and get the hell out of here. But that isn’t going to happen and I’m a realist. Still, I like being able to ride the bike around. It saves me from being tripped over or stepped on by giant cotton-candy grubbing monsters who refuse to look down because God-forbid there’s a freak circus in town. Either way? I can promise you one thing: Everything is about to change. I refuse to spend even one more day as an ordinary circus freak…




Who has their game face on?

Dangerous Games by R. L. Weeks and Erin Lee!

An erotic, suspenseful, and twisted standalone read. 18+

You can’t pick your kin or the risky games they play. Every family has its secrets but for Elise Reddick, entangled roots have turned deadly; leaving her torn between twisted memories and cold realities.

Estranged from her family of origin after a horrific crime, Elise tries to move on in the tiny town of Red Leaf while under investigation for her ex-boyfriend’s murder. There, she forms new relationships and encounters more lies as she slowly unravels the truth behind her pedigree.
With the help of friends Marcus and Sylvia Bromsley, Elise has two choices – to allow her family to destroy her or to call checkmate.

But friends have secrets too. Sometimes, they even play games and loyalties are tested. Now tangled in her new friends’ worlds, trust is more complicated than she ever anticipated.

After all, families can be very twisty things.

Dangerous Games releases on December 19th, 2017. 
Preorder now:





A horrific romantic suspense
Sara Schoen
Erin Lee

The truth is that Amber Colbright has waited her entire life for a guy like Reese Shaw. Fresh out of college and ready to start a new chapter, the couple has big plans for a serious life together. Recently engaged, they are off to a great start with decent jobs and an even better first home. But the real world isn’t so simple.
In order to play with the big kids you have to get a little dirty. It’s the first life lesson she’s learned since the day Amber received an anonymous message from a cyber stalker with the initials ‘TD’ who claims to have Reese in captivity. Play with me.
The kidnapper’s demands are simple: No police. No help. No harm.
“Just a little game of Truth or Dare and you can have your life back.”
At first, it seems like a joke. But when Reese doesn’t return from a mandatory job training on the coast, everything changes. Caught in a twisted game for the cyber stalker’s amusement, Amber must throw away everything she’s learned about caution. First, comes the private chat room. Next is the live stream video where her fiancé begs her to just “play along.” 
Last, Amber must ultimately decide whether or not to take the final taunt.
“It’s easy,” TD swears: I dare you. Come find me…



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Keep your eye out for Madame Scarlet’s Carnival Anthology!

Being Moe. Short Story by Erin Lee

It ain’t easy being a carnival freak. I’ve spent more than thirty years as the dude who goes along for the ride; my dominant twin brother Joe’s mostly silent head. It’s how they all see me and all I’ve ever really been. I can’t say I know a lot of things, but what I do know is that when all you have to do all day is to watch and listen, the carnival can get messy. 
My name is Moe and I’m the Siamese twin whose only job is being a mime while my brother Joe rules the ring. But don’t underestimate me: Being a living head isn’t as boring as you might think. I have secrets too – starting with a one-armed fire twirling midget named Cat. In that way, I suppose I’m not unique. In a place full of freaks, everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is running away from something, or toward something. But we’re all running. What makes me unique is I don’t have control of the legs.
I am Moe and all I want is to be in the driver’s seat. It’ll never happen. I am a hopeless, depressed, in love freak and you can tell me your secrets…



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ROTTEN by Erin Lee is LIVE!

My Books-My World


🖤💎👑Rotten By Erin Lee Author🖤💎👑



Spoiled plans were simply not an option for Jonah Dunn.

It didn’t matter that Emery Swinn, his she-devil boss, thought she could have anything she wanted by simply batting her eyes and making others do her dirty work.
Jonah, who had lived enough for three lives, knew exactly what he wanted and wasn’t going to let Her Highness stop him.
With eyes set on rookie intern Danielle Mosley, Jonah had every intention of doing whatever it took to win her affection. But with Emery in his way and Danielle fixated on plans of her own, it wouldn’t be easy.
Sometimes, love and lust go bad. Greed gets in the way.
With the help of Dawn Youngwood and a couple of hidden aces, he might just teach his spoiled boss and the woman he loves that making deals with the devil can…

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Scream While I Whisper by Sherry Hutchison – NEW RELEASE

images (1).jpeg

Sherry Hutchison is excited to announce the release of her first Adult Thriller, “Scream While I Whisper” in which there will be a lot of screaming before the story ends. You’ll meet Angie, a young lady who decides to stop being a victim; and take back her life after being stalked and victimized by a monster for years.
She digs deep and finds an inner strength she didn’t know she has, to fight for her life. Before the books over, she won’t be the only one screaming.

final cover in jpeg.jpg



Scream While I Whisper

Sherry Hutchison


Then she heard it, and as the voice spoke Angie covered her ears with her hands, as if to block out that horrible memory. No, no, she was thinking, this can’t be happening again, but it was. She’d never forget that voice, that whisper. It came now softly at first. The whisper, softly, ‘Angie’, then again it whispered ‘Angie’. Then came the loud hysterical laughing. Just as abruptly as it began, it stopped. Then the whisper came again, ‘Angie’, it repeated, ‘Angie, my Angie, I’m back. I’ve found you at last’. Finally, her paralysis broken, she let loose with a blood curdling scream.

Blog Banner.png

Here’s an except from Scream While I whisper

“Mommy,” the voice whispered, “why did you leave me mommy?”“What?” Now Velda was awake but somewhat confused. “Who is this”, she demanded? “This is no time for crank calls. People have to sleep.”The voice became more menacing now. “Do you think I care if you sleep, you whore?” There came a loud crackling laughter over the phone that made the hair on the back of Velda’s neck stand up. She shook her head as if to make sure she was awake and not having a bad dream. Did someone just call her a whore? Wait, and mommy? What kind of sick joke was this?“Mommy? The voice whispered again. “Don’t you love me? Wait, I already have the answer to that; you’re a worthless piece of shit.” “What?” Velda was flustered now. “I’m hanging up. I don’t know who you are or why you called me! You have a wrong number. I don’t have any children.” This enraged the Whisperer to hear her denounce him  as her child when he knew for a fact who she was


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The Black Eagle series by Kat Green

Title: The Black Eagles Series

Author: Kat Green

Blog Tour: September 23rd – October 7th

Cover Designer: Vila Design |

Genre: Rock Romance | Mystery

Hosted By: B&B Promotions


An eagle will mate for life, only seeking out a new one if theirs were to die…

🎸 Strings (The Black Eagles Series Book 1)



The rise of the Black Eagles was meteoric, from band practice in the garage to global stars almost overnight. And Melissa Webb, the beautiful girlfriend of the front man, appeared to have it all. But when Luke Black disappears without a trace and Melissa wakes up in a hospital bed after a savage attack, her perfect world is shattered and their lives are plunged into a potentially deadly crisis. Where is Luke, and can he be found before it is too late?




Amazon US: 
Amazon UK:


This fast paced well written book is part Rock star romance and part thriller that you can’t put down” ~ Kara’s Books, Amazon Review.

“I thought the author did a great job of keeping the suspense going through the whole book and not giving away the twist. The story will definitely keep you guessing and intrigued from beginning to end” ~ Between the Coverz, Amazon Review.



🎸 Encore (The Black Eagles Series Book 2)



The Black Eagles and their loved ones try to recover from the traumatic events that have beset the band, starting to piece together their lives while trying to make sense of everything that happened to them. How can they trust again, after so much betrayal? As they begin a collective healing process, they find that the future has more demons in store for them.


At the centre of it all are Luke and Melissa, only just starting to put their lives back together. As they embark on new adventures, old enemies may not be ready to let them forget.




Amazon US: 
Amazon UK:



It’s not often a 2nd book in a series will make me think it was better than the 1st, but this follow up did that for me. The first book Strings was written to perfection but this one was magnificent in my opinion.” ~ Gloria Fridley, Amazon Review.

“There are a few plot twists that had me guessing and scratching my head and loads of suspense! Kat Green has placed herself on my favorite author list with her phenomenal series.” ~ Erika, Amazon Review.


🎸 Finale (The Black Eagles Series Book 3)



The Black Eagles and their loved ones can finally put the dark times behind them. Their recent dance with death saw them stand strong when it looked like all was lost. With determination and positivity, they are set on moving forward and not looking back. The demons from the past have been defeated but just as they feel calm and secure they are reminded that for every demon you beat, another is waiting in the shadows.


Can love and friendship withstand the pressure? Can they hold on one final time and keep the promises they made at the very beginning?





Amazon US: 
Amazon UK:



“When you thought things where going to settle down and find their HEA but not until a few more people pop in and make life tough for a while. Well written, easy to read and great conclusion to the this series.” ~ Lisa White, Amazon Review.


“Just when you think you have it all figured out there will be another twist thrown in. This story will keep you on your toes.” ~ Between the Coverz, Amazon Review.


Kat Green was born Nov 1979 into a military family and moved around a lot during her childhood. This shaped her into the person she is today. She is at ease with meeting new people and adapting to new surroundings. Her family roots are from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Kat now lives with her husband and son on the south coast of England, Portsmouth. She doesn’t pretend to be the best and is still growing as a writer and having fun along the way. She loves books and has a busy imagination. Her love for music plays a big part in her writing. Kat loves to watch live bands and can usually be found at gigs around the UK. In 2010 she lost her mother to blood cancer and it was time to put her words on a page. Writing is her passion and her escape.










L.L. Hunter Cover Reveal 

A Little Book Love Blog 📚💘

Title: Rebellious Heart

Author: L.L. Hunter

Genre: YA Dystopian/Sci-Fi

Cover Designer: Desiree DeOrto

Publication Date: Sept. 30th, 2017

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Four years after Skye became the youngest president in history, and returned precious resources to her people,

She had hoped this would mean the end of the war.

But there is still a threat.

An enemy once thought dead has returned from the grave to exact revenge, and he won’t rest until he gets what he wants.

In the quest to give herself some credibility despite her young age, and to defeat their enemy, Skye, Lukas and their friends devise a plan to distract their enemy using a decoy, while they go in for the kill.

But, when their plan goes south,

Lukas and Skye must do whatever it takes to save their people and the world from ruin.

Even if it means betraying…

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