The first year is over.

J M Ralley Author

So, my first year of being an author is a good as over. I never thought to publish a book and now I have three, an editor and a great bloke for marketing. Things can only get better.

But I do read books as well and have found other brilliant Indie authors and friends along the way. This is my thank you to some of them.


A S McGowan has to be the first one. A lovely woman who I am now good friends with. I first came across her Centaur Agency books. This is a fantastic series.

We meet up with Matt and Analise in the first book and their friends in the remaining three. The stories are interlinked and better read in order. The suspense is brilliant and guessing the who the baddie is…lets just say good luck with that.

If you pick them up, don’t expect…

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